Research projects

What are people’s experiences and behaviours in response to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19)?

We are conducting a research project to understand why citizens do/don’t enact key public health behaviours (e.g., handwashing, compliance with social distancing directives) that can slow the spread of the novel coronavirus. We have more than 100 international researchers working with us on this project.

Our project is supporting COVID-19 policy and messaging decisions made by people working in government and public health.

We are conducting a “living survey” – with both repeated cross-sectional and longitudinal sampling – to track behaviour and its determinants over time.

Each time the survey is updated with new data, we are generating an updated report about the prevalence of protective behaviours, their most important drivers or barriers, a break-down by key demographics, and trends over time.

Our vision for this project is an international and continuously-updated dataset that can provide local insights to help government and public health officials make better decisions to fight against the novel coronavirus.

If you are interested in participating, please complete the Google form.

What works to reduce dietary consumption of animal products?

We are conducting an overview of reviews to identify interventions that reduce dietary consumption of animal products.

You can read the project protocol:

What works to promote charitable donations?

We conducted an overview of systematic reviews to identify interventions that promote charitable donations.

You can read the project summary: